About Distribution Division
The Oliudreifing division handles the reception, storage and distribution of liquid fuel as well as the collection and handling of waste oil. About 65 employees work in Olíudreifing distribution department for planning, accounting, driving, in the depots and on the company's oil tankers, but about 500 million ltr. of fuel are handled annually.  Olíudreifing liquid fuel distribution network stretches across the country and the company offers services in all ports of the country. In addition to the operation of the distribution system for the domestic market, Olíudreifing distribution division handles the operation of the storage facility in Helguvík and related piping systems and the storage facility in Hvalfjörður. Oliudreifing does not accept orders for the delivery of liquid fuel. All orders are made from the relevant dealer.

Fleet of cars
Oliudreifing has at its disposal 45 vehicles that carry from 10,000 to 41,000 litres to take care of deliveries nationwide. About half of the fleet is located in Reykjavík and the surrounding area, while the other half is spread across the country. The trend in recent years has been that the number of vehicles is decreasing and they are getting bigger. When the company started working on January 1, 1996, Olíúfélagið and Olíuverzlun Íslands had a total of 125 vehicles. Their number has since decreased to 45 due to the merger of the distribution systems and that the requirements for the cars have increased following the adoption of the European directive on the transport of dangerous goods, which has led to increased costs. This has been dealt with i.a. with a reduction in the number of vehicles and better utilisation.

Oil Vessel
Oliudreifing oil tanker M/T Keilir was built at the Akdeniz Shipyard in Adana, Turkey and arrived in Iceland in February 2019. Keilir replaced M/T Laugarnes, which was owned by Olíudreifing since 1998. Keilir carries 690 m3 of fuel and is equipped with two main engines and a double bottom and storage .

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