The Service Facility of Oil Distribution is composed of specialists along with industrial and support personnel. Most of them hold journeyman or master's qualifications and possess extensive knowledge and experience. In addition, there is an emergency response team that responds to pollution incidents

Advice and Design

Oliudreifing provides its customers with professional advice and offers design and specialized services when it comes to environmental issues and permits.

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Service Workshops

The service workshops of Oliudreifing are technically well-equipped and staffed with specialists and workers with vocational training.
The majority of the staff have journeyman or master certifications and possess specific knowledge and experience.

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Pollution Response

The response team is specially trained to react if pollution accidents or other mishaps occur during fuel handling.

Emergency number is +354 552 6900

Delivery - Price list

Capital City

Business daysPrice:
From. 08.00 to 17.0023.320
After 17.00 to 23.30, weekends and holidays59.000

Outside the Capital Area

Business daysPrice:
From 08.00 to 17.0059.000
After 17.00 to 23.30, weekends and holidays79.500

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