The distribution system of Oliudreifing for liquid fuels covers the entire country, and the company offers services in all ports nationwide.
In addition to operating the distribution system for the domestic market, Oliudreifing manages the storage facility in Helguvik and related pipeline systems, and the storage facility in Hvalfjordur.

Storage Facilities & Import Harbors

Oliudreifing maintains 17 storage facilities across the country as part of its nationwide distribution network for liquid fuels. Oliudreifing also manages storage facilities in Hvalfjordur and Helguvik.

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Disposal of Waste Oil

Waste oil resulting from the normal use of lubricating oil is collected free of charge from depositors. Only waste oil on which a disposal fee has been imposed, according to law no. 162/2002 with later amendments, and that meets the criteria of the Recycling Fund, is accepted.

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The company owns and operates a large number of tanker trucks, delivery vehicles, and haulage vehicles in addition to smaller cars.

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