About Olíudreifingu

Our main business is the distribution and inventory management of liquid fuels, sales, and service of fuel equipment.


Founded in 1996

Oliudreifing was founded, among other reasons, to manage the distribution and inventory of its owners' fuel, which at the time were Olíufélagið hf. and Olíuverslun Íslands. On the company's first day of operation, January 1, 1996, distribution began in Reykjavik, Hafnarfjordur, and Hvalfjordur. After that, locations were added one after another.

The storage facilities are located across the country with a total storage capacity of 350 million liters.

On November 1, 1999, the company took over operations in Isafjordur and then had distribution of all liquid fuels in the country, excluding Keflavik and Reykjavik airports. Oliudreifing dispatches fuel both according to the wishes of fuel sellers and requests from customers.

The company also operates vehicle workshops, ironworks, pump and electrical workshops. They take care of the maintenance and development of the company's assets and the technical equipment of service stations.

Initially, nearly all of Oliudreifing's staff came from the two oil companies or their agents.

In addition to its main activities, the company has over time undertaken maintenance tasks for various parties. Today, about 130 people work at Oliudreifing across the country. The company owns and operates a significant number of tank trucks, freight trucks, and tractor units, as well as smaller vehicles. The tanker Keilir, which is a 700 cubic meter dispatch boat, is also operated by Oliudreifing and transports fuel around the country.

Olíudreifing ehf.

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