Sales Division

The Sales Devision of Olíudreifing handles the import and sale of technical equipment for fuels, energy sources, and service equipment. It also offers product categories such as components for fast-charging stations, pollution control equipment, and LED signage.


Service station equipment

Oliudreifing only offers certified service equipment, pumps, and vending machines. Our specialists assist with installation and ensure everything is done according to the strictest safety regulations.

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Car Wash Stations

We handle sales, installation, and service for car wash stations. High-quality and durable products ensure that our customers enjoy the very best.

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Oliudreifing handles the sale of fuel and waste oil storage tanks, as well as installation and service. Waste oil is best stored in high-quality, safety-certified tanks that meet environmental and safety regulations.

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We offer a wide range of signs, from small doorbell signs to large technologically advanced signs that span several meters in size

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Electricians: +354 860-6917
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