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The concept of equality encompasses that all employees should be treated equally regardless of gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, race, religion, age, or residence. The primary purpose of a specific plan is to ensure that the talents and skills of all are utilized. However, for the plan to serve its purpose, measurable and time-bound objectives or action plans need to be set.

In the Gender Equality Plan of Olíudreifing ehf., the focus is primarily on gender equality in the spirit of laws regarding equal status and rights of women and men. It should be noted that only about 9% of Olíudreifing's employees are women, including two women of foreign origin. If it appears that either gender is disadvantaged, it is necessary to intervene and find ways to balance the situation.

The Gender Equality Plan of Olíudreifing is introduced to all employees in the Employee Handbook, which is updated annually and accessible to everyone, including on the company's website. Furthermore, all new employees receive a special introduction to the company's core policies, including the equality policy.

The first Gender Equality Plan of Olíufreifing took effect in the autumn of 2004, and since then, a special emphasis on equality has been an integral part of Olíudreifing's work for 15 years. The Gender Equality Plan and a specific action plan are updated and reviewed regularly. The CEO always bears ultimate responsibility for the Gender Equality Plan, delegating specific tasks or aspects of work to managers or other employees. The Gender Equality Plan of Olíudreifing is a part of the company's personnel policy.

Gender Distribution of Employees

Olíudreifing is a male-dominated workplace. Over the years, the vast majority of employees have been men, although there has been a specific emphasis on increasing the number of women for many years. Annually, the employee list is reviewed and the distribution of employees by gender is calculated – both overall and within each individual area of work. The proportion of employees of foreign origin is also calculated. Since there is a significant gender imbalance in nearly all areas of work, except in the office, this is used as a guideline in recruitment and efforts are made to correct the gender imbalance. If equally qualified individuals apply for an advertised position, preference should be given to the gender that is underrepresented.

The areas or groups that need examination are:

  • Heads of departments.
  • Department, station, and project managers.
  • Craftsmen.
  • Drivers.
  • Office staff.
  • Other employees.

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