Employee Policy

The objective of Olíudreifing is to employ skilled and reliable staff who grow and strengthen alongside the company. Olíudreifing ehf seeks employees who act with integrity and possess knowledge, conscientiousness, and experience, while also welcoming young people ready to tackle challenging tasks for the company. In return, Olíudreifing offers its employees a safe working environment that operates under strict rules, and the company is committed to always having access to recognized tools and equipment. The goal of Olíudreifing is to provide prompt and excellent service where the customer is a priority, and at the same time, the company prides itself on adhering to the environmental and safety standards it has set.

Job Satisfaction and Well-being

Olíudreifing places great importance on job satisfaction, a positive work atmosphere, and the well-being of employees in the workplace. Emphasis is placed on open exchange of opinions and effective communication of information.

Employees are encouraged to speak up about any concerns or issues in the workplace. Everyone has the right to be treated with respect. Respect is the key to a cohesive workplace where the rights and considerateness of employees are highly valued, and where threats or coercion are not tolerated.

Wherever possible, Olíudreifing tries to accommodate the personal circumstances of its employees. Therefore, Olíudreifing demands that all employees show the utmost respect to each other, to supervisors as well as subordinates, to the environment, and to the company's property.

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